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Constable Law, P.A. is a group of attorneys, paralegals and case managers with a shared passion for client-focused advocacy and results-driven legal representation. Our team has decades of experience working together, having represented clients ranging from individuals to large associations and multi-national companies, against some of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world.


Practice Areas

Property Damage and Property Insurance Claims

With a proven track record of courtroom success, we've recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on denied and underpaid property insurance claims.

Condo Association Disputes

Florida has passed several laws which have changed the duties and obligations of condo associations and left many condo owners wondering if their association is doing the right thing.

Medical Malpractice

Constable Law knows that when you hire a medical professional, you are hoping for the utmost care. Sometimes that is not what happens though, and you are injured due to the negligence of others.

Fertility Negligence & IVF Law

We specialize with issues that arise from fertility treatments, such as medical negligence, improperly stored or discarded embryos, fertility clinic errors and omissions, and negligence lawsuits against clinics and labs involved in IVF. 

Fertility Industry Accountability

The fertility industry has little to no regulatory oversight. The industry includes medical clinics that offer a wide variety of treatments and services to aid individuals in conceiving children.

Fertility Document Requests

Do you have challenges in obtaining your medical records and documents? These records are essential for understanding their care, advocating for specific treatments, and making informed decisions.

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